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"The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page." ~St. Augustine

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Give me more books!

So I can nom nom nom my way through them, please!

But seriously though.... please?

So, one of my 2012 goals is to read 100 books, and I am doing just swimmingly so far. I am 9% finished, which is way above where I should be to stay on track. With lofty goals such as this (I am thinkin NaNoWriMo, for one) I like to 'top load' myself so just in case I am caught in some sort of crazy busy time, or something else unexpected creeps up on me that takes away from my reading time, I will be fine.

However, I think I have gone a little bit crazy lately. A good friend of mine recommended Tess Gerristen's Rizzoli and Isles series, and I am in LOVE. Yes, there are no kilted Highlanders sweeping maidens off their feet, but I don't care because they are amazing! I am currently working on my third one, and it has sucked me right. I appreciate when a book series can do this -- the author can consistently create this amazing story while making them different enough to keep me interested. Because, too many times the opposite can happen where the first few books are great and then they get so predictable because the basic story arc is the same. This is how the Alex Cross series turned out for me. I loved them to pieces and had every single one, and then as more came out, almost spot-on predictions were made very early on, and they lost their intrigue. Boo hoo. Not to mention the series was supposed to end like 12 books ago... But I digress.

What I would really like to work on are my reviews. Sometimes when I finish a book I am still so caught up in the exuberant 'high' of the big finish that I just want to give it some stars and say a few things like "I loved it, it was great". Afterwards I am a little disappointed that I did not expand on that, and I am missing out on a chance to write. So, there is something else I am going to work on in the coming year -- better reviews of books. Which comes at a perfect time because I just won one of's First Reads giveaways, so I am going to make that review very thorough and profesh looking, so I better get practicing!!

In related news, I am trying to plan a Used Book Store Crawl! How amazing will that be. And it will all end either at a wine bar or at a house where wine is so we can discuss our amazing discoveries and hopefully end the night with dramatic readings from some of our finds.

I may also be moving to Madison, Wisconsin because of some amazing used book stores I found within like 8 blocks of one another. What?! That is clearly where I need to be living!!

Happy Wednesday!

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