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Monday, October 3, 2011

MYM: Perfect Fall Bonfire!

Good Morning!

As my first MYM post, I will take this time to celebrate the wonderful season and month we have entered, Fall! This past weekend, we made and enjoyed a wonderful, warm and snuggly Bonfire.

It is simple things like this that make fall so wonderful to me. My backyard is really nothing too spectacular, but when the stars are out and there is a roaring fire glowing through the screens of the fire pit, there are few things better.
And I am super excited that this coming weekend, I will be attending another Bonfire at my best friend's house with her family and some old friends of ours. I can't wait!

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  1. WooP WooP I'm super excited for this weekend too!

    Thanks for joining my hop and adorning all my buttons.

    I just noticed that you have one which I will be adding to my Blog Love page presently. I am also going to check out these free blogger backgrounds for which I see you have a button. I'm getting bored with mine but am scared to change at the same time... you know how that goes!

    Thanks again,
    For Love of Cupcakes