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"The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page." ~St. Augustine

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Should'a Been a Cowboy...

What a night!

Due to a text from a bff, and a few plans changed/postponed..... I was able to see Toby Keith tonight with said bff!

It was just glorious. We got to see Eric Church open for him; also a wonderful artist. I just love country music. There are so many stories to tell with so much heart. Even if it is the same story, hearing it from another artist's eyes can be amazing and the sound can be completely different. I urge all the haters out there to give it a chance, you may just like it (take a listen to Trace Adkins's Songs About Me and you'll understand...).

For me, that goes for ALL music genres as well. I see music as a fluid entity. Yes, we have a variety of sounds and themes to pick from, but the beauty of something that is an art is that unchained idea. It does not have to be xyz, it does not have to fit in a box. I see this in county all the time. There are 'crossroads' between artists from all across the spectrum and the result is indescribable. Overall, I am not saying you have to love it, but just don't write it off just because it's almost a punch line now to describe music tastes in the way of "anything but _____ (country, for example..). Art is not made to be hated at all. We all have things we gravitate to and that's fine, but what is the point in putting down something else. Use your energy for good, everyone :)

So, back to the concert. Toby, if I may be so bold and call him that, was just great. He played a nice array of songs, and I even was able to sing my most favorite song he does right along with him. I love that at concerts, don't you? I can believe how amazing that must feel as an artist to hear the crowd of thousands sing your art back to you. Chill bumps abound! He also did a spectacular tribute and salute to all of those serving our country, that is always appreciated. There were several in the audience that he pulled up on stage too, just great.

I think the initial 'post-concert' high/adrenaline is wearing off. I am shivering something fierce. Time to get snuggly.

Goodnight xoxo

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