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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Of all days to fall asleep!

As many of you know, I am a huge fan of Craig Ferguson and The Late Late Show. For those of you familiar with either, he does a segment on the show where he reads tweets and emails from viewers and responds in a most amusing way.

I have been tweeting and emailing him things for quite some time, always hoping that he may one day begin with "This one is from Kim in Darien, IL..."

So, last Thursday, I send him a tweet about how much cleavage is too much. A topic that would clearly garner some amusing responses, yes? Yes. So I watch Thursday night and nothing. However, I am used to this, so I am not too upset, as the ones he read were also hilarious.

So, Friday comes and goes and I find my very boring 25 year old self falling asleep around 9:30, totally missing the show. I woke around 4:30 due to the very odd sleep schedule I have and see that I have a text message.... It's from my friend Ana telling me some important news....and I quote.... "CRAIG READ YOUR TWEET!!!!"

What!?! My brain immediately woke up and flailed a little bit, and then I went downstairs to watch this glorious moment unfold on And glorious it was.

I was quite upset at first that I had been a big lameO and slept right through it, and funny enough, the one before mine asked Craig "what happens if I'm sleeping when you read my email?" which was an interesting foreshadowing in and of itself. But it's okay, it is forever saved on my phone thanks to the hi-qual videos they have featured on Horray!

I can't even believe it.

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