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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My 7th Day in Scotland (otherwise know as 'Time's Runnin' Out!')

Okay. I get it. I have been delaying these posts more and more. How long ago was it I started to document my trip? At first, I was very inspired and motivated to get crackin', only to realize that the faster I did this, the faster I would have to realize it was all over...

But enough dallying! I had a spectacular time, so let's not dwell on the fact I am back home and celebrate the wonderful memories I have. Okay? Okay.

So, day 7. Ah yes... our 1st full day in Edinburgh. We begin our day with another short driving tour of the city. We see what is still the Stevenson family home! As we drove past, the family came out to check the mail! We exchanged waves and everything was just quite delightful. Also, I love their red door!

I don't know what it is, but I like old cemeteries. Especially if they are in another country. This was an added stop. Our guide Richard felt sad that the Queen was inhabiting Holyrood Palace at the time (our scheduled stop), so we went here instead. It has a beautiful view of the Palace, as well as grave markers that were hundreds of years old - right up my alley!

Next, off the bus to the famous Royal Mile! Not lacking in various establishments to get a pint, shop, or learn more about this Medieval city. We were there right in the midst of tourist season so it was packed, but this only added to the liveliness of the place.

We then walked up, up, up to the Castle Esplanade where we saw the changing of the Royal Guards! More yummy kilted men! They were also preparing for the upcoming Edinburgh Festival, so an entire stadium was also being constructed around us.

Once inside, we walked to the very top of the Castle, Richard giving us a tip-top explanation of what to see and do with our free time inside. It was so gorgeous, and much different from the 'usual' castles I am used to visiting. This whole area was made up of several differing buildings in a whole, and one can absolutely see history tell it's story. There were rows of what were once shops, armories, chapels and other religious establishments, and even a small terraced graveyard for military pets! It was definitely not hard to imagine what life may have been like to walk around that very place hundreds of years ago.

By the several cannons in the half-moon armory, we were able to capture breath-taking views of the city! Here was the Scott Monument from a distance, just as stunning if you ask me! It was here that I also realized it is very simple to use the 'panorama' feature on a digital camera quite incorrectly. It seems as if it would be a piece of cake (and in all honesty, most likely is...) but not for me. After two pictures that looked like something out of Inception, I finally figured it out. Good thing, too, because the views were just too pretty.

Alright, here we go. Once our tour was over, we hitched a ride with Richard back to the hotel to freshen up a bit before we hit round two. It was unusually hot that day with abundant sunshine, so I had a lovely triangle of sunburn in the middle of my chest. Nice.

We had two missions to accomplish at this point.

1) We wanted to find where we would be meeting our day tour the next morning, and get a general sense of how long it took to get there so we would have time in the morning for our leisurely stroll from New to Old Town.

2) Find The World's End. For you Outlander fans out there, you may remember this being mentioned in Voyager; it was the pub that Jamie frequented in Edinburgh with Mr. Willoughby! After reading about it, it was immediately put on my 'to-visit-whilst-in-Edinburgh' list.

We were able to accomplish both of these fairly quickly, actually. The meeting place for the day tour was right smack dab where it said it would be, and The World's End was maybe the equivalent of 2 blocks away? As we walked in, it was just as Diana Gabaldon had described! Benches along the wall (where this Lady decided to sit! I pretended for a minute that I was in the book.... it was glorious :), a bar to one side, and long tables on the other. It was perfect. Our two waiters and hostess were so nice as well, and the food was delicious. Fish & Chips and Haggis, Neeps & Tatties (below), pretty perfect if you ask me. We were also convinced into trying the Sticky Toffee Pudding as well (our waiter said if we didn't like it, which he knew we would anyway, he would sit and eat it for us). Well, that was not necessary because it was amazing!

With full stomachs and a pint or two down the hatch, we made our way back to New Town. I was a little stumbly at this point... I started my first pint before dinner (see: empty stomach), and it was all down hill (literally, we had walked up the entire way here) from there. Luckily, we made it back with no incidents and crossed the Waverley Bridge one last time for the day.

Time to snuggle in our fine Scottish beds one more time and await our next adventure!

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  1. Looks like an amazing place to visit. Enjoy your trip!