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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Day 4, Culloden, More Beautiful Highlands, and Scottish Karaoke!

Woke up for day 2 in Inverness. Have I said how much I love this city?

We were up early again for a drive out to explore more of the Highlands. Our first stop was Leault Farm, where we saw sheepdog demonstrations, sheep shearing, and the most adorable puppies! It began to rain here for a wee while which was, well, wet, but Neil just kept on trucking, and before we knew it the sun was out again.

Then, on to the Culloden Moor, Battlefield and Visitor's Centre.
For all of you Scottish History buffs OR Outlander fans (or both :D), this was a tough day. Thinking about the Jacobite Uprising, Bonnie Prince Charlie, and the doomed rebellion was both very sorrowful and somehow romantic, as it true of the Jacobite cause in general I am told. We walked around inside for a bit in the brand new Visitor's Centre.
They had all sorts of information areas, exhibits, and old artifacts there that were amazing. To back track a bit, in Inveraray Castle, there were 2 flags from the Battle of Culloden, over 26o years old! We of course were not able to get close to them, but seeing them up on the wall was so amazing, and now to come full circle and see where history took place, I am not sure if there are words to describe it.
Out on the Battlefield, the Clan Stones, cottage, and Monument were so sad.
The resting place of hundreds of Highlanders. What more can one say?

I secretly think that this cottage is the inspiration for a certain, heartbreaking scene from the end of Dragonfly in Amber.... but maybe it's just wishful thinking...

Back to the Hotel to walk around the city a bit more before dinner and a traditional Highland celebration!
Our céilidh would include dancing and music, as well as a wonderful piper who played some amazing songs for us. The singers were so wonderful too, and at one point I saw a verse from Loch Lomond in front of everyone, who were all of course quite impressed :)
We had some time before the sun went down, so we took one last walk around the city.
We found the most beautiful church and gardens, and explored more of the city that was not right on the high street.
This was probably my favorite city of the trip, and I would absolutely come back one day.

Back to the hotel, back to bed for another early morning, and on to Blairs!

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