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Monday, April 25, 2011

Scotland Prep, part 1: Hotels

I tried to wait until the very last minute to even begin blogging about my upcoming trip, but as we can see that didn't last very long at all....
This first blog (of many, let's just face it...) will showcase the glorious hotels we will be staying at! Can't wait!

1) Menzies Hotel -- Glasgow. We fly into Glasgow, and this will be the first hotel where we will stay. Looks very typical for a big urban locale. I think we will have about five hours to sleep here once our flight gets in before the tour begins!

2) Ballachulish Hotel -- Oh. My. Gosh. Will you just look at this? Ahhh-mazing! Right next to Loch Levan as well. I think I will sleep maybe five minutes here so I can spend as much time exploring it's majesty!

3) Columba Hotel -- Inverness. I could not find a larger picture, but this one looks great as well! The area around it is so cute, and it looks like it is right in the heart of Inverness.

4) Mercure Aberdeen Ardoe House -- Blairs. This one looks just magical too, doesn't it?

5) The Roxburghe Hotel -- Edinburgh. The tour officially ends here, and we are staying on another night to take some say tours to various amazing places. This one's location is just perfect for exploring Edinburgh!

6) The Dalmahoy --Edinburgh.
We end our vacation at this little gem, about 7 miles or so outside of the city. And because we have racked up so many flippin Mariott rewards points, our two nights cost us nothing, just 50,000 hard earned points. However, it is a beautiful resort and we can get some nice Scottish charm and relaxation before I cry one million tears on the way to the airport.

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