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Thursday, April 21, 2011

The King's Speech

Let's start with a film review, shall we?

I watched this film last night and was completely blown away. Mind you, I did come in with the expectation to at least like it, based on my fandom that encompasses both Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush. But it was that and more. The acting by all the leads was just wonderful, and the way 'Bertie' was portrayed, I really believed it and felt he deserved every bit of that Oscar.

The scene that really did it for me was the one (kind of a spoiler, but it has been shown in many a preview, so it doesn't count that much) where Bertie is reading the various speeches he will have to do in the coming months, and he comes to the coronation one and just breaks down. Oh my goodness, the amount of emotion and heartbreak came right through the screen.

I loved Rush's portrayal of Lionel as well. Hilarious, unconventional, human, and genuinely concerned with the overall well-being of his 'patients'. He had quite a number of great pieces of dialogue. Speaking of which, I just found out that a few weeks before the film began shooting, a journal of his was found, so many of the direct quotations were added into the script.

The colors that came through on the film were also beautiful; everything from the costuming, sets, lighting, etc. I am so pleased when the filmmakers are able to represent a specific historic time in all of the aspects of the film they are making, and this film hit it right on the head. Lionel's home in it's cozy humbleness, the opulence of the various royal settings, even when the two of them went for a walk about foggy pre-WWII London town, perfection.

I highly recommend this film. Aside from the inspiring story about Bertie's experience as the reluctant yet ultimately successful King (reluctant hero, my fellow Jungian archetype fans?), the pre-war story was also good to see, especially from the point of view that is not that often portrayed in film. I am sure this one will soon become part of my collection.

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